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When You Give a
   Girl a Puppy...

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Signed Hardcover or E-Book
What happens when you give a girl a puppy? 
The answer is simple...everything! 

Discover the wonderful bond that grows between a girl and her pup.  From their first meeting to going on pretend adventures, 
follow as they learn the true meaning of unconditional love. 
This little girl may even learn a thing or two about responsibility along the way.
When You Give a Girl a Puppy… 
is sure to delight the dog lover in everyone!


What People Have to Say:


Zorah and the 
Very Big Question

Available Now!
Paperback, Hardcover & E-Book
Follow Zorah as she journeys through her world to answer this very important question and discover the power of representation!
Signed Copies are temporarily out of stock.




Zorah: Teacher's Guide

This pre and post-reading lesson plan is perfect for Career Day! Designed for grades 2 to 5 with an assessed Lexile of 410-600, this 12 page lesson plan and activity sheet set includes everything you need to get your students thinking critically about their future!
Available Now for Download


Shanita Allen, Author

I LOVE this book!!! It reminds me of when I had a puppy, and getting to do all of the things that were described in this story. Puppies really are like family and it warms my heart to read this book. I love the flow of the story, with the rhyming text, and the beautiful illustrations! Great job Deborah!


What People Have to Say:

Tiffany Obeng

Zorah and the Very Big Question is a cute, educational read that can be enjoyed by preschool and elementary school aged kids time and time again. I love how the author introduced a variety of professions in brief, but effective ways that young readers could relate. The book is intentional in representing women in these professions, ensuring that the main character, Zorah, and all little girls can see themselves.

The book ends with a lasting and encouraging message.

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