Book Review: “Stuck Duck” & “Bug Hunt” by Brooke Vitale

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Looking for beginner reader books to introduce your baby/toddler to reading or even test or challenge your young reader’s skills? Then these two books are for you.

“Stuck Duck” and “Bug Hunt” are the first in the “Charge into Reading” book series written by veteran author, Brooke Vitale.

What happens when a duck gets a horn stuck on his head? Well, in “Stuck Duck”, he tries everything and even gets some friends to help, but still he’s stuck. He’s not having a good day until a new friend comes along and makes his day so much better!

In “Bug Hunt” a little boy explores his own backyard to discover what is and isn’t a bug. The reader learns the difference between a bug and an insect, where they live and what their functions are. This book is a must for any “bug lover” (I know a few!).

These simple and engaging books are designed to get your young reader excited about reading. The text is challenging enough to progress a new reader’s vocabulary and comprehension skills, while the stories are fun and informative. The illustrations are also bright, colorful and work perfectly well with the text to guide the reader along.

Young readers will enjoy having these books read to them, but will definitely enjoy the triumph of being able to read them themselves. Each book also comes with literacy activities in the back to test skills such as vocabulary, reading comprehension and spelling.

The “Charge into Reading Series” is a win to both build and reinforce your child’s literacy skills!

Both books are available on Amazon,

Stuck Duck here.

Bug Hunt here.

Or at where a portion of all sales is dedicated to keeping independently owned and operated bookstores open.

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