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Have a quick publishing question or just need a little guidance, I'm here to help answer your questions.

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Are you new to publishing and you have no idea where to start? This call is meant to be a overview of the process with some valuable pro tips along the way. Ask me all of your burning questions. I'll even throw in a free self-publishing checklist to keep you on track!

Think you may need more than an hour? You can book an extra 30 minutes for just $49.

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A well put together media kit is an essential part of your book promotion/marketing plan. Not only is it a simple, yet efficient way to present yourself in a professional manner but it provides all of the essential information interviewers, book reviewers and book sellers need to feature, promote, and/or sell/purchase your book. Everything is all in one place with eye-catching visuals and graphics to show the world that you mean business.

Every great book idea needs an even better web design to promote it. That's where we come in.


Let us take your great idea and turn it into a relevant, eye catching and marketable design that will show the world who you are and draw them to where you are.

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