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You have dreamed of becoming a children’s book author, and you even have a great idea and manuscript for a book. But you have no idea where to start, and you just don’t have the time to vet, engage and follow through with editors, illustrators, formatters…. There’s a lot that goes into creating a quality, well put together children’s book. That’s where we come in. 


We do everything for you to get you published!

Let Us Publish Your Book For You

Why Leap Forward Publishing?


We stand on professionalism and making sure that the highest standards are met through out the entire publishing process. We understand that not only is a children’s book a way to educate, inspire and motivate millions of children worldwide, but it is an enduring legacy. We believe that publishing is a collaborative effort, and we want to make sure that your final book product reflects your vision and message.

It’s your book and it should feel like it. 

Our Mission

Leap Forward Publishing is dedicated to doing our part to change the landscape of children's literature. Therefore, we aim to work with authors who are aligned with our mission of diversity, inclusion  and representation and are interested in creating children's books that are reflective of the world we live in.

This is a submission based service, in which we believe in the message and vision in your work and we feel your manuscript is ready for production. Additional costs may be required for manuscripts that are fundamentally sound but require additional developmental editing.

Who Do We Work With?

Our services are ideal for serious authors and aspiring authors only. Our clients understand that publishing is a process and that the quick and cheap route will not yield a quality result. The services we provide are of the highest class and our pricing is appropriate for the delivered value. Our Founder oversees every step, and would not produce a book that she wouldn't produce for herself.

Are you ready to become a published author?

We not only want your book to be published,
we want it to be successful!
From manuscript to book launch and beyond,
we've got you covered.
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Manuscript Evaluation 
and Critique
Publishing and Distribution
Expert Book Design
and Formatting
NAWBO AD  (7.5 x 3.5 in) (8 × 4.3 in) (7.5 × 4 in) (3.75 × 10.5 in).png

We only publish high-quality books that meet and exceed industry standards. Every manuscript is evaluated to ensure it is aligned with our mission and has a high probability for success. Should your manuscript be approved, you will be invited to join the Leap Forward Publishing family and begin the journey of having your book dreams become a reality. 
Our editors will ensure your manuscript meets industry standards, so in the end, we publish a high-quality, well-edited book that has well developed characters and plot line and is written in an age appropriate manner with your target audience in mind.
You'll have a professional illustrator whose style and vision complement's your story, bringing it to life, and all within your budget. Full book production price depends on choice of illustrator, book's page count, number and types of illustrations, as well as level of detail.

Your book's cover and interior design will be eye-catching, marketable and in line with industry standards. Your book will be formatted in Hardcover, Paperback and E-Book. As an added service, we can create materials like coloring pages, activity sheets, and lesson plans to make your book more engaging.

We offer publication and worldwide distribution to various platforms including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major and independent online book sellers. Plus your book will be offered for sale on the Leap Forward Publishing website and distribution channels including bulk orders, as well your own website.
You retain full ownership and copyright of your work and enjoy higher than average royalties for books sold through our various platforms. Plus, you keep 100% of royalties sold on all your author platforms or personally by you. 
We provide guidance and support to ensure your book is visible and marketed like a pro. During a comprehensive and strategic 10-week marketing workshop you'll work with a marketing expert to learn what you can do to make your book a success from book launch and beyond!

Ready to Begin Your Publishing Journey?

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