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Pack your bags and grab your passport! School’s out and we’re headed to a beautiful Caribbean island to meet new family, listen to Granny’s stories, play with cousins and make amazing memories. 
You’ll want to visit this Summer Island again and again!

Summer Island

When You Give a Girl a Puppy...

mockup_front and back.PNG
What happens when you give a girl a puppy? 
The answer is simple...everything! 

Discover the wonderful bond that grows between a girl and her pup.  From their first meeting to going on pretend adventures, 
follow as they learn the true meaning of unconditional love. 
This little girl may even learn a thing or two about responsibility along the way.
When You Give a Girl a Puppy… 
is sure to delight the dog lover in everyone!

Zorah and the Very Big Question

Follow Zorah as she journeys through her world to answer this very important question and discover the power of representation!
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