Let Us Be Your Self-Publishing Coach


So, you have a great idea for a book, and you’ve decided that you’d rather publish it on your own. But you have no idea where to start. That’s where a self-publishing coach comes in. 


A self-publishing coach guides you from idea to publication and all points in-between, navigating you around the publishing pitfalls, while giving you the scoop on publishing best practices. A coach is also just that, someone to motivate, inspire and hold you accountable to your book goals so that you produce a quality book and have gained a wealth of knowledge in the process. 

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    Meet and greet to discuss your questions and what I can do to help.

    30 min

    50 US dollars
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    Ask anything you'd like about self-publishing.

    1 hr

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Why Leap Forward Publishing?


Our self-publish coach, Deborah C. Mortimer, is not only a published author and editor, she’s also a 16-year licensed attorney, with contract experience. Therefore, along with self -publishing guidance, you also get insight on sample agreements for editors, illustrators and other vendors, and also learn how to effectively negotiate the terms to protect yourself and your work.


Are you ready to start your self-publishing journey?