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Bulk Orders

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Are you one of the thousands of booksellers, retailers and libraries worldwide that’s part of the Ingramsparks Network? Well, great news!


                 You can place a bulk order for                       “Zorah and the Very Big Question”,

"When You Give a Girl a Puppy..." or "Summer Island" directly from the Ingramsparks catalog at a trade discount.

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Not part of the Ingramsparks Network but still want to place a bulk order?  Interested school districts, churches, homeschool co-ops or any other educational organization can still place a bulk order of

"Zorah and the Very Big Question" 

"When You Give a Girl a Puppy..." or

Summer Island

at a wholesale discount of up to 40% off the retail price!

Hardcover - Retail Price $22.99  $20    -You Pay $15/Book
Paperback- Retail Price $14.99    $13    -You Pay 

Minimum bulk order is 25 books and goes up in increments of 25. 
35% discount on orders of less than 50 books.
40% discount on orders of 50 or more books.

Hardcover - Retail Price $22.99  $20   -You Pay $14/Book
Paperback- Retail Price $14.99    $13   -You Pay 

For more info or to place your order, email or contact us HERE.
Shipping costs are extra, unless order is for an Author Visit.

To learn more about the educational benefits of "Zorah" and how it can be used in the classroom with the Teacher's Guide, please click the links below.

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