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"Zorah and the Very Big Question" encourages children to question the world around them, with a particular focus on different career choices and how these choices relate to their own interests and skills. The book’s aim is to get children thinking about possible future careers, with the motivation that with hard work anything is possible. 


Designed for grade levels 2-5 and assessed Lexile of 410-600, these suggested lessons and activity tools are based on the book and picks up where Zorah leaves off. They will get students excited and help them master and practice specific skills and topics.


Activities include access to online interactive games and questions about the book, critical examination of the text, research and analysis of possible careers and writing/creative expression exercises.


Online interactive games can get excited about the book and types of information/learning that they will encounter via the book). The web-based games, tools and other provided resources are free for teachers to use and are popular and well loved by students. Links are included in the Teacher’s Guide booklet.


Armed with the knowledge that anything is possible, these activities will get students, thinking, talking and dreaming about their futures!



Teacher's Guide for "Zorah and the Very Big Question" Grades 2-5

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