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Writing Communities. Here's How Writers Connect and Grow.

Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. Being a writer can be liberating and exciting, even more so when you can share your work with others who share that feeling. Having a community to share your thoughts with can be enriching and and propel you further as a writer.

Hanging out with other writers either online or in person has its benefits.

1. You can share your work and get feedback.

2. Bounce ideas off of one another.

3. Motivate and encourage one another.

4. Promote each other’s work.

I love a great peer review!

5. Share writing tips and information about writing and the publishing process.

Learn about the process from veteran authors, and gain knowledge to avoid mistakes they may have made.

6. Network and make connections.

Who knows who you’ll meet or be introduced to? You never know what opportunities are waiting for you you're open to meeting and connecting with other writers. You can also connect with other professionals in publishing like editors, book designers and illustrators- maybe even agents!

So how do find other writers? Do you just go up to people tapping on their laptops at the local Starbucks? NO! There are better and definitely less creepy ways to connect with other writers.

Join writing and author groups on social media.

Facebook has a plethora of groups for writers, aspiring authors as well

as seasoned authors to choose from. Some groups have a few thousand and some have a few hundred members. They range in size and interests. Here are just a few. Trust me there are so much more. You can simply search in Facebook Groups for "writers", "authors" or "self-publishing", and you will surely find the group that's right for you.

Click on each to learn more.

Whatever, your preference, the point is to surround yourself with writers. If there isn’t a Facebook group that suits your needs, create one that does. Create your own niche.

Join groups and communities of authors who write in your genre.

There are tons of online forums and social chats dedicated to writers. These are not social media groups but online platforms created to promote, educate and motivate writers., with the main focus being a forum for writers to network.

Here are just a few. Click on each to learn more.

Bonus: Medium- this is an online platform where writers share their ideas, essays and stories and have the opportunity to publish them and get paid.

Join writing organizations and attend conferences.

Writer’s Relief and Every Writer’s Resource have each compiled a list of the most popular organizations for writers of every genre, interest, race and culture. There is something here for everyone.

Remember, being a writer doesn’t have to be lonely. The point is, get out there and surround yourself with people who will motivate and inspire you!! Basically go where the writers are.

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